Free & Confidential Help with Reading, Writing, Spelling & Numeracy

Deirdre Fitzgerald, DLEO

Deirdre Fitzgerald, DLEO

You can have one to one tuition or be part of a small group.  You can decide what you want to work on and learn at your own pace with an understanding tutor.

We also offer courses on other topics including: Communications, Personal Development, Computer Skills &  IT, Food & Nutrition, Horticulture, Mathematics, Driver Theory.

Family Learning Programme:

This programme consists of a range of courses that offer parents the opportunity to enhance their own skills and foster a love of learning in their children. Parents improve their own skills so that they are better able to help their children to get off to a good start at home and in school. Eg. Storysacks – The course involves parents learning to choose books suitable for younger children who are attending primary school and with the help of a tutor they make props to go with the book.  This involves art/crafts and a lot of fun. Maths for Parents –This course equips parents with the skills to help their children with maths. Dads & Lads and Power of Encouragement courses.

Tutor Training:

Initial Tutor Training. We have a full training programme for members of the public who wish to become Volunteer Tutors with the service.

In-Service Training: We offer a range of In-Service courses for tutors who are active within the service.

Literacy Awareness Training:

The Adult Literacy & Basic Education Service offers Literacy Awareness Training to companies and other organisations.  This training raises the awareness of possible literacy difficulties when dealing with the general public and offers advice on how to deal with this problem.

ESOL: English Language courses are offered to clients referred by FAS, the Department of Social & Family Affairs or the Local Employment Service as being not work ready and in need of basic functional English.

Learning to Learn:- Study skills to help with returning to education

Active Citizenship:- Includes the Voter Education programme, designed to assist people get on the Register of Electors and cast their vote elections.

Child Development & Play – Suitable for anyone interested in childcare or for parents/grandparents of small children.  Understand how children learn through play, how to choose suitable games and toys and how to communicate better with children.

Programmes Provided in Partnership with Other Organisations:

The Return to Education Programme. Funded by FAS, this programme offers CE Scheme participants the opportunity to attend a co-ordinated series of adult basic education classes as part of their training.

FAS Skills for Work Programme. This programme is promoted and funded by FAS.  It is aimed at “upskilling” the workforce of participating companies.  The employees are released to attend classes during their working hours.

Return to Learning Programme. This programme is run in conjunction with Kerry County Council and, again, provides classes during working hours with a view to “upskilling” members of their workforce.

Deirdre Fitzgerald, DLEO (District Literacy & Education Organiser)
For information on any of the above please contact 066-9473166 or 066- 9472414.