What is VTOS?

VTOS means Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme.  It gives unemployed adults the opportunity to return to full-time education without losing their Social Welfare benefits.

VTOS applicants must be:

Aged 21 or over

Unemployed for at least 6 months OR in receipt of a qualifying Social Welfare payment OR signing for credits for at least 6 months OR have received Statutory Redundancy

Benefits of taking up the VTOS Challenge:

  • Getting back to education
  • Tuition is free
  • Join a positive, supportive group
  • Payments equal to your Social Welfare benefits plus you may qualify for €20.00 bonus if you have been in receipt of an unemployment payment for 312 days directly before the course commencement date.
  • Meal & Travel Allowance
  • You may be eligible for assistance towards childcare costs
  • Guidance Counselling

Long term Gain after VTOS:

  • Being part of the mainstream marketplace
  • An increased range of lifestyle options
  • Access to further education
  • Skill acquisition

Co-ordinator: Joe Brennan Tel: 066 947 2414

Email: info@oconnellcentre.ie Also: vtossouthkerry@eircom.net